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printer toner inkWe carry a large supply of new and remanufactured color and monochrome (black) printer toner cartridges. For a variety of major brands like HP®, Lexmark®, Dell® and many more! Please contact us for specials on pricing, if you need custom orders, or you are looking for a special product. There are some important toner cartridge tips below the order form that could save to some time and money. If you are a returning customer, or already know what printer toner you want you can use the order form below.

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Here Are Some Printer Toner Cartridge Tips:

Before installing any toner cartridge, you will find that some toner cartridges will come with plastic shipping locks. Make sure you remove all of these shipping locks. Also, some toner cartridges will come with toner release tape that will need to be removed before you put the cartridge into the printer, if it does come with the tape, make sure you pull that out all the way and it can be a good idea to have a trash receptacle handy to put the cartridge tape in.

If you do not pull the toner release tape out before you put the cartridge in the printer you might notice some problems right away.

First thing you might notice is that the color print looks bad, or not right all of a sudden, or that your “add toner” indicator will not go out. It might even show some type of error or error code as well. If it was working fine before you replaced your toner, and it does not after it is replaced, then just retrace your steps and you should be able to figure out what went wrong and hopefully you should be good to go.

Contact us if you are still having problems and need printer service.

Make sure that your printer door or cover is open all the way, so that the door or cover is not hitting anything to prevent it from being completely open before you remove your old toner cartridge and put in your new one. If it is not open all of the way, there is a very good chance that you could brake the toner locking levers and now your printer will not work, and you would need a service call for a part, or parts and the labor to fix it.

If you just put in your last toner cartridge, try to remember to order a replacement right away. That way you will never run out of toner, and your printer will not be down while you wait for the replacement. Always feel free to call us if you have any questions, or concerns.

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